Enjoy Cozy, Quiet, Efficient Heat for Years to Come with a Gas-Fired Boiler.

Gas-fired water boilers deliver comfortable, even heat almost silently. What’s more is their exceptional energy efficiency. At Redhawk Heating & Air Conditioning in Odessa, several of the Lennox® gas-fired water boilers we carry are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

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GWB8-E Boiler

Built with a long-lasting cast-iron heat exchanger and durable stainless steel burners, this standard-efficiency boiler can perform year after year.

  • Electronic ignition controls water temperature and turns on the burner only when needed
  • Thick fiberglass insulation greatly reduces off-cycle heat and energy loss
  • Works with conventional radiator systems
  • Available in nine different sizes for installation anywhere in your home
  • Burns natural gas or can be converted to LP gas
  • 20-year limited warranty on heat exchanger, 1-year limited warranty on remaining covered parts
GWB8-E Boiler
Efficiency Rating (AFUE): up to 83.9

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